The Hosts are servers with a hypervisor installed (KVM) which execute the running Virtual Machines. These Hosts are managed by the KVM Driver, which will perform the actions needed to manage the VM and its life-cycle. This chapter analyses the KVM driver in detail, and will give you, amongst other things, the tools to configure and add KVM hosts into the OpenNebula Cloud.

How Should I Read This Chapter

Before reading this chapter, you should have already installed your Frontend, the KVM Hosts and have an OpenNebula cloud up and running with at least one virtualization node.

This chapter will focus on the configuration options for the Hosts.

  • Read the KVM driver section in order to understand the procedure of configuring and managing kvm Hosts.
  • In the Monitoring section, you can find information about how OpenNebula is monitoring its Hosts and Virtual Machines, and changes you can make in the configuration of that subsystem.
  • You can read this section if you are interested in performing PCI Passthrough.

After reading this chapter, you should read the Open Cloud Storage chapter.

Hypervisor Compatibility

This chapter applies only to KVM.

Follow the vCenter Node section for a similar guide for vCenter.