The Front-end is the central part of an OpenNebula installation. This is the machine where the server software is installed and where you connect to manage your cloud. It can be a physical node or a virtual instance.

How Should I Read This Chapter

Before reading this chapter make sure you have read and understood the Cloud Design chapter.

The aim of this chapter is to give you a quick-start guide to deploy OpenNebula. This is the simplest possible installation, but it is also the foundation for a more complex setup, with Advanced Components (like Host and VM High Availability, Cloud Bursting, etc...).

First you should read the Front-end Installation section. Note that by default it uses a SQLite database that is not recommended for production so, if this is not a small proof of concept, while following the Installation section, you should enable MySQL.

After reading this chapter, read the Node Installation chapter next in order to add hypervisors to your cloud.

Hypervisor Compatibility

Section Compatibility
Front-end Installation This Section applies to all hypervisors
MySQL Setup This Section applies to all hypervisors
Scheduler This Section applies to all hypervisors