Open vSwitch on VXLAN Networks

This guide describes how to use the Open vSwitch on the VXLAN networks. The specialized driver combines features of existing Open vSwitch and VXLAN drivers. It’s necessary to be familiar with these two drivers, their configuration options, benefits, and drawbacks.

The VXLAN overlay network is used as a base with the Open vSwitch (instead of regular Linux bridge) on top. Traffic on the lowest level is isolated by the VXLAN encapsulation protocol, and Open vSwitch still allows to use the second level isolation by 802.1Q VLAN tags inside the encapsulated traffic. Main isolation is always provided by VXLAN, not 802.1Q VLANs. If 802.1Q is required to isolate the VXLAN, the driver needs to be configured with user-created 802.1Q tagged physical interface.

This hierarchy is important to understand.

OpenNebula Configuration

There is no configuration specific to this driver, except the options specified for Open vSwitch and VXLAN.

Defining Open vSwitch on VXLAN Network

To create a network include the following information:

Attribute Value Mandatory
VN_MAD ovswitch_vxlan YES
PHYDEV Name of the physical network device that will be attached to the bridge. YES
BRIDGE Name of the Open vSwitch bridge to use NO
OUTER_VLAN_ID The outer VXLAN network ID. NO
AUTOMATIC_OUTER_VLAN_ID If OUTER_VLAN_ID has been defined, this attribute is ignored. Set to YES if you want OpenNebula to generate an automatic ID. NO
VLAN_ID The inner 802.1Q VLAN ID. If this attribute is not defined a VLAN ID will be generated if AUTOMATIC_VLAN_ID is set to YES. NO
AUTOMATIC_VLAN_ID If VLAN_ID has been defined, this attribute is ignored. Set to YES if you want OpenNebula to generate an automatic VLAN ID. NO
MTU The MTU for the VXLAN interface and bridge NO

The following example defines an Open vSwitch network

NAME    = "ovsvx_net"
VN_MAD  = "ovswitch_vxlan"
PHYDEV  = eth0
BRIDGE  = ovsvxbr0.10000
VLAN_ID = 50           # optional

In this scenario, the driver will check for the existence of bridge ovsvxbr0.10000. If it doesn’t exist, it will be created. Also, the VXLAN interface eth0.10000 will be created and attached to the Open vSwitch bridge ovsvxbr0.10000. When a virtual machine is instantiated, its bridge ports will be tagged with 802.1Q VLAN 50.