OpenNebula Systems MarketPlace


OpenNebula Systems provides a public and official MarketPlace, universally available to all the OpenNebula’s. The OpenNebula Marketplace is a catalog of third party virtual appliances ready to run in OpenNebula environments. This MarketPlace is available here: Anyone can request an account and upload their appliances and share them with other OpenNebula’s, however, as opposed to other MarketPlaces, MarketPlaceApp creation is not done through OpenNebula, but by following the instructions in Deletion of MarketPlaceApps is likewise limited.

The MarketPlaceApps included in the official MarketPlace are third-party contributions of other OpenNebula users, meaning that they are not certificated by the OpenNebula project.


You can also connect to MarketPlaces deployed with the OpenNebula Add-on AppMarket. The already deployed AppMarkets can still be used, but they are now deprecated in favor of the HTTP MarketPlaces.


The url must be reachable from the OpenNebula Frontend.


The Official OpenNebula Systems Marketplace is pre-registered in OpenNebula:

onemarket list
ID NAME                                 SIZE AVAIL        APPS MAD     ZONE
 0 OpenNebula Public                      0M -              46 one        0

Therefore it does not require any additional action from the administrator.

However, to connect to OpenNebula Add-on AppMarkets, it is possible to do so by creating a new MarketPlace template with the following attributes:

Attribute Description
NAME Required
MARKET_MAD Must be one.
ENDPOINT (Required to connect to AppMarket) The URL of AppMarket.

For example, the following examples illustrates the creation of a MarketPlace:

cat market.conf
NAME = PrivateMarket
onemarket create market.conf
ID: 100

Tuning & Extending

System administrators and integrators are encouraged to modify these drivers in order to integrate them with their datacenter. Please refer to the Market Driver Development guide to learn about the driver details.