Every resource in OpenNebula has its own Template, a collection of attributes that modify its behavior and their relationship with other cloud components. This Chapter contains an exhaustive reference of the templates of various resources.

How Should I Read This Chapter

After reviewing and understanding the contents of the operation guide pertinent to your particular cloud infrastructure, you can use this reference Sections to look for the meaning of particular attributes that may be interesting to fine tune the behavior of different resources.

Within this Chapter, you can find references for the templates of images, templates and virtual networks.Also you can find references to all the commands of the command line interface, and a state machine describing all the VM life-cycle states.

You probably be coming back to these Chapter frequently, if you are in the process of deploying and configuring an OpenNebula cloud the next step would be to proceed to the Advanced Components Guide.

Hypervisor Compatibility

All the Sections of this Chapter applies to both KVM and vCenter hypervisors.