This Chapter covers references that apply to the configuration of OpenNebula to interact smoothly and efficiently with other datacenter components, as well as information on where are the log files, the database tool, and all the configuration parameters of the OpenNebula core daemon.

How Should I Read This Chapter

The oned.conf file is the main OpenNebula configuration file, and it is essential for tweaking the performance and behavior of your OpenNebula installation. The section Large Deployments contains more helpful pointers to tune the OpenNebula performance.

Read Logging and Debugging for a complete reference on how to use log files, and how to adjust the verbosity and log subsystem.

For database maintenance operations, use the command line tool onedb. It can be used to get information from an OpenNebula database, upgrade it, or fix inconsistency problems.

Hypervisor Compatibility

This chapter applies to all the hypervisors.