S3 MarketPlace


This MarketPlace uses an S3 API-capable service as the backend. This means MarketPlaceApp images will be stored in the official AWS S3 service , or in services that implement that API, like Ceph Object Gateway S3.


Since the S3 API does not provide a value for available space, this space is hard-coded into the driver file, limiting it to 1TB. See below to learn how to change the default value.


To use this driver you require access to an S3 API-capable service.

Make sure you obtain both an access_key and a secret_key of a user that has access to a bucket with the exclusive purpose of storing MarketPlaceApp images.


These are the configuration attributes of a MarketPlace template of the S3 kind:

Attribute Description
NAME Required
MARKET_MAD Must be s3
ACCESS_KEY_ID (Required) The access key of the S3 user.
SECRET_ACCESS_KEY (Required) The secret key of the S3 user.
BUCKET (Required) The bucket where the files will be stored.
REGION (Required) The region to connect to. If you are using Ceph-S3 any value here will work.
ENDPOINT (Optional) This is only required if you are connecting to a service other than Amazon AWS S3. Preferably don’t use an endpoint that includes the bucket as the leading part of the host’s URL.
SIGNATURE_VERSION (Optional) Leave blank for Amazon AWS S3 service. If connecting to Ceph S3 it must be s3.
FORCE_PATH_STYLE (Optional) Leave blank for Amazon AWS S3 service. If connecting to Ceph S3 it must be YES.
TOTAL_MB (Optional) This parameter defines the total size of the MarketPlace in MB. It defaults to 1024 GB.
READ_LENGTH (Optional) Split the file into chunks of this size (in MB). You should never user a quantity larger than 100. Defaults to 32 (MB).

For example, the following examples illustrate the creation of a MarketPlace:

cat market.conf
onemarket create market.conf
ID: 100

Tuning & Extending

In order to change the available size of the MarketPlace from 1TB to your desired value, you can modify /var/lib/one/remotes/market/s3/monitor and change:

TOTAL_MB_DEFAULT = 1048576 # Default maximum 1TB

System administrators and integrators are encouraged to modify these drivers in order to integrate them with their datacenter. Please refer to the Market Driver Development guide to learn about the driver details.