Linux Containers MarketPlace


The Linux Containers image server hosts a public image server for use by LXC and LXD. It is the default image server for LXD.

OpenNebula’s linuxcontainers marketplace enables users to easily download, contextualize and add Linux Containers images to an OpenNebula image datastore. Linux Containers images are compressed .tar.xz files. In order to use them, this marketplace creates an image, where it dumps the content, and later uploads it to OpenNebula. The marketplace will automatically take care of downloading the correct context package for your image and installing it inside the container. The marketplace also creates a VM template with a set of required and optional values. There is a log file (/var/log/chroot.log) inside the imported app filesystem which shows information about the operations done during the app setup process; in case of issues it could be a source of information.



Several parameters can be specified in the marketplace’s template:

Attribute Description Default
NAME Required  
MARKET_MAD Must be linuxcontainers linuxcontainers
ENDPOINT The URL of the Market.
IMAGE_SIZE_MB Size in MB for the image holding the rootfs 1024
FILESYSTEM Filesystem used for the image ext4
FORMAT Image block file format raw
SKIP_UNTESTED Show only auto-contextualized apps yes

The OpenNebula frontend already ships with a configured LXD marketplace.



The following template will create a working marketplace with the default values:

NAME="Linux Containers"
DESCRIPTION="MarketPlace for the public image server fo LXC at"

Save this contents on a file (e.g. lxcmarket) and create the market with:

onemarket create lxcmarket

You can also use Sunstone and input the previous values through the UI.

Tuning & Extending

System administrators and integrators are encouraged to modify these drivers in order to integrate them with their datacenter. Please refer to the Market Driver Development guide to learn about the driver details.